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Red Ball 4 APK

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Red Alert!
Evil minions want to squeeze the planet into a square shape.

Who's got the balls to save the world ? Oh yeah, that's right!
Red Ball to the rescue!

Roll, jump and bounce through 75 exciting levels full of adventure.
Make your way through tricky traps and defeat all monsters.

- All-New Red Ball Adventure
- 75 Levels
- Epic Boss Battles
- Cloud Support
- Exciting Physics Elements
- Groovy Soundtrack
- HID Controller Support

Red Ball 4 APK reviews

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Charlie Hamilton review Charlie Hamilton
Best game ever
Brilliant game I would definitely recommend this :)))))))))))))????☺☺ quick tip you don't have to wait 20 mins now there is watch a video and you will get full hearts !!!
Serene Sparkle review Serene Sparkle
Love it
Super fun game but hate the 20 minute recharge time for more lives
Atheena Terry review Atheena Terry
The lives are annoying but at the same time, I like that you don't have to spend money and can watch ads to refill them. The game is very fun and addictive, so kudos! I also like that the game has cloud save.
Allyson Casquejo review Allyson Casquejo
This is game is awesome! If you lose all your lives you can watch a video instead of waiting.Also,the story line is great! ☺
Shubham Rajak review Shubham Rajak
Nice One game.. played for the very first time but i think there should be powers in it for the red ball like high jumps, special powers to destroy some things, fire etc.. Hope it will be made in some of the updates...
syed nubaid review syed nubaid
Nice nice excellent game
Debbie Myles review Debbie Myles
Remote 20 review Remote 20
Game wont start
Game doesn't load and immediately returns to the home screen after pressing the play button on the main menu. Alcatel one touch idol 3
Dimitris Mouzakis review Dimitris Mouzakis
Good game but let us play
It's a nice looking game and simple. I don't understand why i have to wait 19 minutes to play again if i lose! !! For this reason i unistalled it
zia parvaiz review zia parvaiz
Plzz remove this live process becuz it takes time to recover lives.. this is a gud game but if we hve unlimited lives...
Jasia Falzon review Jasia Falzon
good fun great funny amazing game.great graphics and an entertaining dificle game ?
Charles mix review Charles mix
It won't let me play
I all of a sudden got stuck in the game and it wont let me get back when I press the back button it just makes the screen go dark
Shelly Tomlinson review Shelly Tomlinson
Love this game
Not too easy with the odd bit of brain power required, good fun
Sunil Binol review Sunil Binol
Awesome fun
I love this game a lot...the only prob..... about this game is the just five lives and if go off the game then I have to wait for a long time..but otherwise its superb
Awesome Games review Awesome Games
This is a really awesome game it's one of my personal favorites like clash of clans and angry birds. And the best part is That it's still fun even after you beat the levels multiple times. I recommend to adults and kids alike.great game keep up the great work! :)