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Google Earth APK

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This is the new Google Earth.

Gain a new perspective of the world as you explore the globe with a swipe of your finger.

Fly through landmarks and cities like London, Tokyo and Rome in stunning 3D, then dive in to experience them first hand with Street View. See the world from a new point of view with Voyager, which brings you one-of-a-kind experiences from Sesame Street, BBC Earth, NASA and more.

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Kyle Carnes review Kyle Carnes
Would be ☆☆☆☆☆
Is there a way to find out what time the satelite image your viewing, was captured? (Version 8.0.0) I googled this same question and almost every article I read, directed me to the task bar on the Google earth screen. Which I do not have. Solutions please!
Ed Fox review Ed Fox
On my android tablet, the app is a limited version. I am unable to determine latitude and longitude. I cannot set pins. I cannot measure distances. I cannot see the series of images over time for a location. In general, this is a poor app in this iteration.
F S review F S
Deceived mode (View Images) global!.. Not "3D-view" but it is a bit THEMED IMAGES and Blurry of 2-D games... Anyway, street views on this app will been mostly okay and do a lot of things in mapping very clear views!!!
Sandy Dayoc review Sandy Dayoc
Just plan BAD
Been trying to see my street now 4 a year The google earth car came down the Street filming and I won't to see my self , have not been able to get on it, it does nothing. so long your the worst
Tami Zierke review Tami Zierke
Really good learning tool
Really good learning tool. But I can't figure out how to get directions. It keeps kicking me off like every 5min, please fix.
Kensley Evans review Kensley Evans
Best map app
This is totally 5 star worthy. This app has done so much for me!!?
Joseph Shuster review Joseph Shuster
Clumsy implementation. Unreliable operation .
It stops constantly. Horrible support material in map gallery. No access to my Google places. These people are going to make self-driving cars? Learn to build apps first.
Scott Boatwright review Scott Boatwright
This app is addictive. It started with an overhead view of my house. Then i zoomed out till i could see entire north american continent, then spent next 2 hrs checking out whole planet!!! Facinating, amazing, overwhelmingly Addictive! Go virtually any/everywhere and never get off your couch! Im hooked!
Flight Wicked review Flight Wicked
Why can i zoom into cities so quickly from a " "Satellite" " Yet when i zoom into out supposing "South Pole" It wont load and it buggy? As if it was uploaded wrong.. or if it should be streched.? ? Think of how we are lied to everyday by you guys and NASA. I Call B.S. ! World isnt a ball.. Not saying its flat. But i might be ?
Jeff MacMakin review Jeff MacMakin
After not working for 2 years , Google got the map feature to function the way it was intended. Many of the local feature photos and references do not work , so there is more work to be done before this premere mapping program is fully operational. Many images are out of focus , and sharp and clear examples can be had by going to google maps. I still do not understand why google bothers with auch an inferior program.
Alneil Mc.Leod review Alneil Mc.Leod
Love it!
It keeps getting better!
Pt0wN973b0iI review Pt0wN973b0iI
As a user, you can NOT see homes in Saudi Arabia. The quality is that of 2005! It is 2018! Fix the pixelated quality! Not even 3D! Want to be able to do a smooth walkthrough with the application! If it says 3D, it should look like as if we are seeing model train homes! STEP IT UP BIG TIME! IF THE NSA, could watch me shower you can do much better! EVEN IN USA, THE QUALITY IS BEYOND POOR! MAKE IT LOOK AS WE ARE THERE! DO A VR VERISON TOO!
Paco Vasda review Paco Vasda
Google Earth is great, it's an excellent example of what we can do with the internet. The ability to connect all of these people to the places that they want to see, on a different side of the world. safely and with growing information and resources. Just giving me the ability to explore place before I go and truly personally physically explore the place so that I can spend more time looking at the parts of that place that I really want to see. I can spend more time before I go and find out that there are parts that I didn't know existed and would not have had time to really fully explore had I not looked at them first on Google Earth. Mostly to be able to see things that I would otherwise never be able to afford to see.
Bill King review Bill King
I have used Earth Pro on a Windows system for years now and loved it. This HEAVILY stripped down version on Chromebook is a waste of download space. Yes you can search and see a location, but the entire menu bar at the top the favorites and locations bar on the left are totally missing. The distance mesuring too (one I use a lot!!!) is missing. There is NOTHING here that Google Maps will not do just as well and probably better. Don't waste space installing!!!
Yuki review Yuki
This app is horrendous if you actually want to know what you're looking at. Such a simple task such as wanting to know what country is defined by this border, there is just no clear system. What is that country North of Indonesia? I have no idea and Google earth certainly doesn't tell me.