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Fido Money Lending APK

Fido Money Lending
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We all need a helping hand from time to time, a friend you can depend on.

That's why FIDO has made it easy and convenient to access credit in times of need, enabling accessibility to financial services anywhere and at any time of day. FIDO makes access to credit simpler and achievable for most people.

FIDO is a reliable company, licensed by the Bank of Ghana, and unique within Africa, by providing fast and easy short-term loans through technology.

FIDO mobile app gives you access to a loan up to GHS 200 for any first time client within one business day. No need for collateral or guarantors.

With each on time repayment, you are able to move up, meaning you can borrow more up to GHS 600, with a reduced interest rate and up to three instalments. Enjoy flexible payment terms, between 10 and 33 days.

How do you get a loan with FIDO mobile app:
• Download the app
• Apply for the loan on your phone
• Receive a decision within minutes and follow the instructions
• Upon approval as per instructions on the app, either complete your loan directly on your phone or
visit FIDO branch with your ID and mobile wallet number or bank account statement
• Receive your cash within 1 business day!

Join hundreds of satisfied customers who have received the helping hand they needed from FIDO.

Download the app and access funds from anywhere and at any time.

FIDO connects to cash

Fido Money Lending APK reviews

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Andrew Quaye review Andrew Quaye
Great App hope fido increases de loan amount from 300 to 500
This is God's sent App,in fact I call in Akan language "se manhia" meaning dependable helper, Fido may God Bless the management of this App. Fido, u are the best. But pls extend ur loan and give us huge loan to pay in installment, Thank u very Much,in fact is only an evil person that may speak ill about this app,Fido simplified the best.
A Google User review A Google User
Qwaqu Rasta review Qwaqu Rasta
It really helps me anytime am in need of money for my errands.. Fido you are the best.. But please increase me amount to the power of 600
Henry Appiah review Henry Appiah
The interest rate is even more than 10% of the actual money borrowed plus additional GHc 20 fee,after that I have to travel all the way to the Head Office for verification. WHY?
Brinton Mugeez review Brinton Mugeez
My son was sick and I needed immediate help when I applied late night the following morning they had approved my loan.
Richard Mintah review Richard Mintah
Hidden cost and guarantors. .....above 300ghc needs to sign up with Facebook. Come again to help the table tops.
I needed money for something serious but they asked me to wait for a month before... I have lose the thing now
Evans Gabriel review Evans Gabriel
Good initiative
Im glad the banking sytems in ghana a tkn the new changes and adapting to more convienient and faster way to serve customers...nice work.....and try improving the app for more ease and speed.
Cecilia Komey review Cecilia Komey
You should tell us that the server is mostly down so we will know what to expect
Obed Asiedu review Obed Asiedu
As always
They deliver on what they say...
Miss Brown review Miss Brown
I really got amazed when my loan was approved. Honestly, a friend introduced this to me and I never believed it so I thought of trying it and it works. Please can u cancel my loan because I don't really need that loan. I can't use 200gh for my business actually. I just wanted to try if it works. Please kindly cancel it. Maybe next time.Please cancel this loan because I'm even having headache the moment I got approved. I'm scared of loans.
Sylvester Osei review Sylvester Osei
It is a very good app, I suggested it to a family member but was deny of the loan. please she says she want to delete her details not interest in it any more. How can she delete them?
A Google user review A Google user
Fido is 100% for responding to a loan request. The only problem I have is the amount. It is too small for business purposes. Or u have another mean for business purposes then let's us know. Apart from that you are perfect.
Ezekiel Sarpong review Ezekiel Sarpong
Please since I downloaded the app I have tried several times I can't login with any of my Id' please check your system operation cause I need a quick loan to sort out my handouts. .thanks.