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Emoji Evolution - Clicker Game APK

Emoji Evolution - Clicker Game
Emoji Evolution - Clicker Game screenshot 1Emoji Evolution - Clicker Game screenshot 2Emoji Evolution - Clicker Game screenshot 3Emoji Evolution - Clicker Game screenshot 4Emoji Evolution - Clicker Game screenshot 5Emoji Evolution - Clicker Game screenshot 6Emoji Evolution - Clicker Game screenshot 7Emoji Evolution - Clicker Game screenshot 8Emoji Evolution - Clicker Game screenshot 9
Combine emoji to mutate them, discover their bizarre and exotic forms, and become rich!

◉ No pop up ads! We hate them as much as you do
◉ The ultimate incremental clicker game
◉ Tons of upgrades to get more emoji faster
◉ Earn coins from your emoji while offline
◉ Four different areas to discover
◉ Tons of crazy evolutions

Create tons of amazing emoji in this cute evolution game. As you create more emoji, you will discover new worlds and eventually capture the entire planet!

Your emoji will generate coins while you are away, that you can use to evolve even more emoji! You can even feed them soda!

Drag similar emoji together to combine them and create new mysterious creatures
Dogs automatically earn coins but you can tap them to earn coins faster
Use emoji coins to buy new emoji and make even more money

As you create more and more evolutions and mutations, your emoji will generate even more coins for you!

What are you waiting for? Unlike many other evolution games, Emoji Evolution has no pop up ads! Download this game now and witness the best evolution ever!

Emoji Evolution - Clicker Game APK reviews

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Alexandra Parker review Alexandra Parker
My suggestion is... Shark, the last could be a megaladon. Or maybe a storm evolution. Idk, my ideas are sometimes dumb.
mikal hill review mikal hill
A great time killer and easy for young children to comprehend boost matching abilities in small children and ability to find patterns. The best game in the play store that doesn't take up to much space
A Google user review A Google user
I really like the game but It really don't like after you complete. You just recreate the universe then you just do the whole thing over and over again.
A Google user review A Google user
Well, I really don't know. Honestly, its really good and really bad. The OMG and>3333 ones really give me goosebumps. I get this white liquid running down my back......(is what I feel) -im talking about the red hole things in OMG and>3333. IT BOTHERES ME please remove all I'll give a 5 star, no hate :D
satans niece review satans niece
I am 13 and i get really bored even though these games are sorta stupid they past time so i download them i recommend th is if your board ?
Michelle Williams review Michelle Williams
I really do like this game, I've played a few like these and I'm happy that the amount of coins you receive after completing a mission rises. In the others, they didn't and I found that quite pointless once I got a high amount, considering each mission only gave me 10,000 coins.
Brad Jansen review Brad Jansen
I like this game because the emojis are cute.I recommend this game for kids 6-12. The new animal idea I had in mind was dinosaurs and dragons. You could do dinosaurs that lived on earth and made up ones.
Vianey Lemus review Vianey Lemus
I can't stop playing it ssooooo cool?? also can you make more and make them talk like in the food evolution,that will be awesome thanks!?
cupcake cats review cupcake cats
I love horses they are cute and I love to feed them my grandma has a pony named pumpkin she is the smallest out of 3 but she used to have 4 but Sunday passed away she had to dig a hole and put Sunday in there one time all the horses went over there and stood there but they came back.
Cloe Keagy review Cloe Keagy
This game is awesome I like everything it's a good time killer n when u r on a bus u can play. It's easy to get started its not a real addicted game but it's still good so u don't have troubles getting of.
jacob dunkin review jacob dunkin
I have an idea for another evolution game. Its not an animal but its a very popular game. Im talking about undertale it would be a good evolution game and loved by many!
LOVER Screen review LOVER Screen
I would definitely recommend making a ART EVOLUTION. This game is hilarious and cute,sorry but I'm going to delete this game so that I can download Food Evolution. Thank you for the exciting and fun games.
GamingWithJosh sourtime review GamingWithJosh sourtime
The next game should be called EXTREAME EVOLUTION! It should have nonsence words! Anyway the best game ever and the people that rate 1 ★ are unbeliveable!
The Expirementors. Oh Yeah! review The Expirementors. Oh Yeah!
You should make an evolution game where there are boys and girls and if you merge the girls they make something and same thing with the boys then if you merge a boy and a girl they would make something else ??
Tanin The Degon, Not The Acid review Tanin The Degon, Not The Acid
I think you should make an evelotion game of........*drum rolls*......... TASMANIAN DEVILS! !!!!! PLZ do this I've always dreamed of it!! Thanks!☺????????