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Aviary Stickers: Free Pack APK

Aviary Stickers: Free Pack
Aviary Stickers: Free Pack screenshot 1Aviary Stickers: Free Pack screenshot 2
This sticker pack is a plugin that only works inside Photo Editor by Aviary and third-party apps that use Aviary's Photo Editor.

You can download Photo Editor by Aviary here for FREE:


Featuring a variety of fun hats, eyewear, neckwear, speech bubbles, shapes and more, this pack includes lots of irresistible stickers to slap all over your photos!

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

Aviary Stickers: Free Pack APK reviews

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A Google user review A Google user
Aviary is the best photo editing app. I just wish there were more add-ons that were free. They would blow away the competition.
Nicole Memishi review Nicole Memishi
It was my favorite app until I updated the app. Now the blemish remover does not work... BIG BUMMER
Christine Courtney review Christine Courtney
This whole package of Aviary is great! All of you not being able to find it. First you must download Photo Editor by Aviary... this is just one of a few add ons that go with the App...
A Google user review A Google user
The original compression ratio is not preserved after save. A 2 MBytes photo has only 1 MB after save.Useless for serious photo editing.
Alex Bruckheimer review Alex Bruckheimer
I just wish that these things were already within the app. There's no reason that I can see that they should be downloaded separately because they're already free.
Merissa Peck review Merissa Peck
Why do I have to download a bunch of different apps just to edit a picture. Pretty dumb.
Tiffany Beeson review Tiffany Beeson
I loved this app so much I wad telling all my friends to try it and now all my original free stickers and borders are gone and installing them doesn't work. Sad that I have to find another
A Google user review A Google user
This app is good is just that people is stupid enough to follow simple instructions... it say it isn't app it's a plug in so you can find it when u sheet your photos..there the plug in sign of aviary. Two thumps up way better then instagram...
Hoi review Hoi
I cannot experience this colour and whatever as i could say that nobody and family members hate things too all people in china,U.S,asia , they choose other app soo sad so toodles
Arnulfo Soto review Arnulfo Soto
I just wanted 2 improve the quality of my pics & drawing,but NOW that I've tried this (for me),new app; I can get a renewed focus of my own "photo shop", TO EDIT and make lots of MUCH BETTER QUALITY PICTURES THAN I EVER EXPECTED EVER;) ... So, l thank you ALL OF YOU GOOGLE FRIENDS 4 the IMPORTANCE OF THIS APPLICATION. Sincerely: @rnulfo Soto Sanchez. Paramount CA.90723.
Taylah Alchin review Taylah Alchin
Its crap boring sticker and u have to pay for the good stickers
A Google user review A Google user
It is the best thing in the world. All my friends love these pics i do of them they always crack up so funny to watch them. So get ot it is awsome
Emily Vega review Emily Vega
I dont want to download so much stuff frames stickers etc but the rest is okay but so much download ing
Aaliyah Smith Smith review Aaliyah Smith Smith
The man or woman who posted it u spelled phone wrong lol its p-h-o-n-e
Jeff Ramirez review Jeff Ramirez
Found it my bad. Works great. Be sure to install main app editor first